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Before I joined Bellingham escorts in the south east of Londonand in, I used to do a bit of bikini modelling for agency in central London. However, it was not the most “profitable” jobs that I have ever had, and in the end, I was forced to give it up. So many girls think that modelling for catalogue companies is going to be hugely exciting and make you tons of money, but that is not the case at all. As a matter of fact, you have to be really careful to make sure that your photos end up in the right place. It is all too easy to have your images misused.


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When I first started bikini modelling, I was really naïve and thought that the agency and the studio was going to look after me. That is not the case at all. Both are only interested in making money for themselves and they don’t really care that you hardly make any money. The thing is that travelling to auditions and photo sessions can cost you a lot of money. You have to be so careful, and I have to say that I make more money working for Bellingham escorts here in London. It may not be as glamorous as being a bikini babe, but I still love it.

I checked out various escort agencies around London before I settled on Bellingham escorts. Property prices in this part of London are not too bad, and the London Borough of Lewisham sounded like a nice place to live as well. Now that I have been here for a year, I feel really settled in this part of London, and I do actually like living here. It is very unlikely that I am going to up sticks and move to a different part of London. We have great transport links here and it is easy to get around both Lewisham and Bellingham using London transport.

Would I go back to bikini modelling? Of course, I don’t telling the gents that I date at Bellingham escorts that I used to be a bikini model. I am not so sure that some of the more senior ones are interested, but the younger ones seem to be very interested. They kind of get a kick out of the fact that they are dating a former bikini model. Many of the guys that I date in this part of town are rather young, and a lot of them have jobs within the financial industry in London. The reason they date is because they don’t have the time to chat up girls, and I cannot see the harm in what they are doing.

Looking back at the situation, I certainly enjoy working for Bellingham escorts in south east London more than I used to enjoy bikini model. The people that I meet have been much nicer to me, and they are a lot less critical. When you are a model people are always looking at your body and often making comments in a negative way. That does make you feel good. Things at the escort agency in Bellingham are rather much more upbeat, and I love that feeling. We have a really good working atmosphere and I get along with the girls here at the agency a lot better than I did with my fellow models. Perhaps more girls should consider becoming escorts instead of going into modelling in London.