How I lost my faith in my Sugar Babe

I had been dating London escorts for ages when I decided it was about time that I tried to break the habit. As I was in business I had enjoyed bring London escorts to my business function but it did not stop there. I was soon dating escorts five nights per week, It felt like I had a deep seated craving for them, and could not let go.

I guess you could say that it had become a bit of addiction which I needed to break as I was not married, I still needed to enjoy some female company when I went out to business functions or business dinners, but I made this pact with myself to stay away from dating London escorts. Instead I offered myself as a Sugar Daddy on one of the London based Sugar Babe websites. I thought that would be a perfectly good alternative to dating London escorts, and within a couple of days, I was contacted by a young lady who was interested in being my Sugar Babe.

Tina was a really sweet blonde who told me that she studied beauty in London. She reminded me of one of the girls I had liked at London escorts, and I felt good in her company. She seemed to be comfortable in mine, and we came to an arrangement. Sure, she did not seem to have the same experience as the girls at London escorts, but she was easy to get along with on dates and in person as well. It was not long before she was staying around my house on what became known as our date nights.

I reimbursed Tina for her time, and even bought her new clothes so that she would like good on our dates. Before I knew it I was spending a small fortune on Tina. Well, it was certainly more than I used to spend on dating London escorts. But I felt good about her company and I was glad that she was around more. It was around this time money starting to go missing from my wallet. I normally kept rather a substantial amount of money in my wallet, and the odd £50 note used to disappear. It always happened when Tina was around and in the end I asked. She said no, and I believed her.

There was always a chance I had miscounted the money. For a while after that, everything was okay, and I enjoyed Tina’s company as much as I had enjoyed the company of the girls from London escorts. I really don’t have an inventory of my house and I am not really sure how much stuff I have git, but I was looking for something special when I noticed that a silver cruet set I had inherited from my parents had gone missing. My housekeeper had not seen it, but she did say that she was not the only person who kept coming and going. I knew who she meant. The next week it was Tina who accompanied to a business dinner, it was that nice girl from London escorts.

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