Top Tips for Hiring Escorts in London

Dating escorts is a passion of mine. Wherever I travel, I try to take some time out for down time with escorts. One of the best places to hire escorts is in London. To be honest, I have never been scammed or had a problem with London escorts. All of the London escorts services that I have used have all been really good. Still, I know that a lot of gents are new to dating escorts in London, and may be worried about being scammed. It is understandable even though I do believe it seldom happens in London.

I would personally say that dating escorts in London is one of the safest and best places in the entire world to date escorts. Even so, I have a few rules that I stick to when it comes to dating London escorts. If you are ever asked to supply a credit card number to confirm a date, don’t do so by email. You have just given our credit card details away a person that you have never met. They may keep them or pass them onto somebody else. I have never known any London escorts services to ask for a booking confirmation using a credit via email. It is simply not safe to do so.

Should you arrange your date by email? You can indeed arrange your date via email with a lot of London escorts services once they get to know you. But, I would arrange my first couple of dates with any escorts service via email. I am happy to do so now, but the first couple of times I always wanted to speak to the agency. It is nice to make sure that you deal with a person. Most London escorts services have excellent receptions and are happy to answer any questions that you may have. This is the best way of getting to know an escorts service.

Does the receptionist seem to know the girls? If it sounds like receptionists don’t know the girls, I would be a bit careful. You may on occasion come across an escorts service which is less genuine. Most quality London escorts services will know the girls inside and out, and know their specialities. If you are not comfortable in the way your call is being handled, I would just hang up and try another London escorts. But, once again, I have found that the vast majority of London escorts services are very professional.

If you have arranged an outcall with a London escorts services, do ask the girl to call if she is going to be late. Most London escorts are very punctual, but you never know. The problem is that London is such a great big city and you may just find that your London escort is stuck in traffic. I am sure that you both have schedules to keep, so I always ask the London escorts service that I use, to make sure that the girl calls if she is going to be late for her date. In that way you don’t have to worry that she is not going to turn up, or turn up at an inconvenient time for yourself.