Online Dating Tips from Escorts

I find the writing of your profile and answering the questions the hardest thing to do. For me the best way to do it ’cause I sort of tried to write as I would usually write. And then I left some Easter eggs says Elephant Castle Escorts from
What are the Easter eggs?
Biggest critique I had on other people’s profiles when I was looking for dates was they would forget to show not tell. So they would say, “I’m sarcastic and witty.” And I’m like if you’re sarcastic and witty just write something that’s like witty but don’t say that you’re witty if that makes sense.
Yeah, so the Easter eggs I did basically, my idea was that if they ask you for your favorite films, your favorite music, and your favorite books and what I did is I put lots of general ones in there.
Like lots of people like Game of Thrones, that’s cool. But then I put some things in that I thought not a lot of people might know and if they do know it I really like it. I put Galaxy Quest in there, which is a really weird, I think it’s like a 2000-and-something film with Alan Rickman in space.
It’s great and I actually got lots of messages from people saying, “Oh my God, you love Galaxy Quest.” So if you can find that thing that if someone else will see it and go, “That person likes that thing that not a lot of people like but I do like,” then that’s a good conversation starter.
So yeah, you can go quite general and then put some specific ones in that if someone picks that one out you’ll know that that’s a good sign. So this is about the messaging bit. If you get messages what would they usually be about?
Mine is like “oh you like this thing, blah, blah, I like it too. Who’s your favorite character or what’s this?” Or they’re really interested in my job and what I do and they ask loads of questions about that. And then I’m immediately bored.
I have these conversations with people every day. I put some specific questions in my profile and so it’s like what my favorite tube line is. I got so many messages from people that are like, “100% the Jubilee line. Central line’s the best.” Because it’s like quite London based.
And so, I would try and put some open things in it that people can go, oh okay, this is something I can easily message about. Just ’cause they, you know, people are looking for conversation starters really so the more you give them to work with the easier it is for them.
The other thing I did is that I put a dating idea in my profile. And so, I said I really wanted to go to a museum late. Basically I just tried to make it as easy as possible to get in touch and have a conversation.

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