Have I got what it takes to become a London escort

As I am stood here in front of the mirror looking at my body. I wonder if I have got what it takes to become a London escort. The image which is reflected back at me is almost perfect and after all of these years of dancing in London’s Soho, it should be. Many of the gent who I meet at the club have wondered for some time now why I have not done something a little bit different with my life. They keep asking me for dates, and I have figured that I may as well join https://cityofeve.com┬áLondon escorts service.

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Mind you, working for London escorts is only of the ideas that I have got buzzing around in my head. I would probably do pretty well working for a London escort service, but another one of my regular lap dance clients has just suggested that I become an erotic model. I guess with a figure like mine, I would be able to handle that as well. The only thing is that I am not sure that working as an erotic model would make me enough money.

The other night I was dancing in my new red bikini. I wanted to give my show a bit of a hotter touch and make gents think about warmer climates. One gent in particular seemed to be enjoying the show. He kept encouraging me to dance more and more, and said that I looked great in my red bikini. Finally he asked me if I wanted to take a holiday with him and be his personal bikini model for a couple of weeks. I could certainly do with some sunshine. It struck me that it may not be the sort of opportunity London escorts would get.

I have also met a gent who says that I am the perfect hostess. He was waiting for me outside once I had finished for the evening and wanted me to hostess an party for him. It sounded rather exciting and he did offer me a lot of money. At first I was not sure, but I did go ahead with the party. The money was good and I would say that my work had not been that different from what most London escorts would do when it came to hosting a party.

So, it seems that I may have the right attributes to work for a London escorts service. I notice that many of the girls claim that they have been bikini models and erotic models. If it is good enough for them, it is good enough for me. There are so many jobs that you can do within the adult industry in London that the opportunities are rather limitless. I am not sure which one that I fancy trying next, but I think that I might have my portfolio done. If I did that, I could use it when I apply for jobs for London escorts, erotic modelling and bikini modelling as well. It would be a good invest for a girl like me.

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